Spritual bypassing

“If you are using meditation and/or some other form of compassion-based practice to try and calm yourself down without first properly processing, metabolizing and integrating the agitation, anxiety, fear and anger, then it’s only adding more toxicity to your world.

Some have called this unrefined version of consciousness, and the practices of the mind-body that go with it ‘spiritual bypassing’ and I would agree with that.
Yes, there is a lot to be pissed off about right now, and it might seem that to counteract all the crap that is floating around we need to instill lots of calming and nice soothing actions as a first line of defence, but fuck that. That’s NOT the way to go.
If there is an energy inside you that is pissed about things, be it globally or right in your backyard, you need to process that shit.
Don’t stuff it down.
Only when you have processed it, then can you sit and Be. Very. Still.” (Irene Lyon)


Foto: Simon Rae