What helps us navigate the depths of the climate and ecological crisis and what helps us face the difficult truths?


In this workshop for therapists and those who work with people, we will begin to explore climate stress and eco-emotions together. As the severity of the crisis permeates many people, not only are we ourselves challenged to relate to it, clients also bring their concerns into the session space.


In this workshop we will talk about the importance of emotional biodiversity in finding resilience, the importance of engaging our existence both on the personal and collective level, how to find hope while facing complexity, uncertainty and injustice, and what the role of therapy is within all of this.


Themes that come along include climate justice, what a session plan can look like, the role of grief, the role of anger and the role of community. There will be psychological models presented that support us in getting some understanding on what the course of a process looks like. And there will be lots of room for sharing, because no one can do this alone.


More info will follow soon


Info follows soon