“And the day came

when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful

than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anaïs Nin



My name is Neela Paulussen (1975). I like this quote about daring to live life and the contractions that stop us. It is precisely this paradox between longing and fear that inspires me most. Because how do I do that, gather the courage to live life to the fullest? And how do I do that in contact with others? How can I be honest and meet someone without holding back, without hiding my vulnerability, without pretending to be something different, a little bigger, a little stronger, a little more independent? I know the desire for freedom and also the fear that holds me back. The search for answers started with myself.


I have learned to listen to what happens in me, to that what is whispering, under all that is loud. I’ve learned about splintering and helplessness, as well as about courage and strength. About taking myself seriously, here and now, instead of living my life from ideas about how I, or my life, should be like. I have learned to embrace that what is off, to be touched more, to enjoy more fully, to laugh harder and to love more deeply. I do this job because this is what I love to do most. It feels rich and meaningful to be able to support people in their growth process and their search for a more authentic, sincere and free life.


As a human, as a therapist, I wish to recover connection where it has been lost. Within people, between people and in how we as humans relate to other nature. The role trauma plays in the roots of climate crisis and social injustice is enormous. Learning about this and relating to this motivates me deeply.


I am a mother of 3 sons who I co-parent with their father and our new partners. In relating with my partner, we explore how we can feel free in the inevitable tightness that intimate relationship also brings. Since 2016 I have my own practice in Amsterdam and I am also the founder of In de Naaikamer, a sewing school that closed its doors for good during the lockdowns. Since 1996 I have been trained in various ways in human functioning and personal growth, both grounded in Western science and Eastern wisdom.

NP Bloemendaal

Relevant Diplomas & Certificates


Integrated Psychotherapy / BodyMind Opleidingen (2014 – 2019)

NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model) Practitioner / Relational, attachment and developmental trauma therapy (C-PTSD) (2020 – 2022)

NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model) Advanced Master Practitioner / Dr. Laurence Heller (2023)

SE (Somatic Experiencing) Practitioner / Body oriented trauma therapy (PTSD) (2019 – 2022)

SOMA Embodiment Practitioner / Sonia Gomes, PhD (2023 – 2024)

Clinical Developmental Psychology / University of Amsterdam (1996 – 1999, propaedeuse, first 3 years completed)

Trauma & Spirituality / 3 day master class with Peter Levine, PhD & Marianne Bentzen (2018)

Psychosociale basiskennis (PSBK) / Energieschool (2018 – 2019)

Essential Strategies for Healing Sexual Trauma and Sexuality / Ariël Giarretto (2023)





Activist support for several movements (one-on-one and in groups), Extinction Rebellion therapist (2019)

Active Hope facilitation (2022) / Climate Psychologist (2022)

Assistent in the Somatic Experiencing training (2024)

Trainer in trainings related to resilience and activism

Board member Stichting Klimaatpsychologie (2023 – nu)

Panelist Unexpected encounters Pakhuis de Zwijger (2023)


“It took me a while to find the right therapy, and even longer to find the right therapist. When I discovered Neela, her approach felt like a perfect match. She has a comforting presence that always put me at ease. Neela  taught me a lot about the nervous system and the deep connection between body and mind. For those who find themselves at a standstill with traditional cognitive approaches, I wholeheartedly recommend Neela. She can teach you how you can use your body to understand your reactive mind and how to surf the waves of overwhelm rather than drowning in them. ” ~ Giedré 2024
“Neela’s warmth, intelligence and sense of humor ensure that sessions move deep with her, but never feel heavier than necessary. Thanks to her acceptance I have been able to practice with her to tend to even the most vulnerable things. I admire her attentiveness to the tiniest unconscious movements, which on closer examination often proved to be an efficient entry point into the processing of painful experiences from my earliest childhood.” ~ Indra

“The sessions with Neela are an interesting mix of science and spirituality.” ~ Chris

“The most special thing about Neela is her presence. She’s there, without judgment. She gives back what she perceives, she chooses her words carefully and checks with me whether it is correct. I often cry in the sessions, I think because she makes me feel that everything, absolutely EVERYTHING is welcome. I have never experienced it in this way with a therapist before. I also like that she offers many different working methods, sometimes very playful, and there is also room for lightness and humor. The sessions have made me feel more open and I dare to feel more deeply what moves (in) me.” ~ Yvonne

“Neela is a super nice person, she works caring with a lot of loving attention. She attunes well and doesn’t fill in too much. I learn a lot from her and I have profound insights every session.” ~ Ariadne