Unfortunately, at this time there is no space for new people, nor is it possible to sign up for the waiting list. It is unclear when this will change again.


When space opens up priority will be given to (climate) activists and movement-makers seeking support around resilience, people seeking support in climate and activism-related issues, young adults, people working on social justice issues, and people working in healthcare or education.


I focus in my practice primarily on

  • social movement makers, people who invest in raising awareness around justice, connection, the climate destruction and sustainability
  • people who want support in emotion and stress regulation around the climate crisis and around activism issues
  • people working in regular or complementary (mental) health care and education


Right now it only makes sense to sign up if you are one of these people.


If you have a question around personal growth, you can contact my colleagues Lea Groeliker (Body oriented Psychotherapy & NARM Practitioner) and Gunnar Meier (Body oriented Psychotherapy).


If you have a question related to (shock) trauma or if you would like to look for another body-oriented therapist, you can have a look here.


If you are interested in sessions, please use the contactform below. / +31 6 34 89 15 11

Hoendiepstraat 22-1, Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam


Practice at home & online sessions

Tuesdays till Fridays


The practice will be closed from December 20 until January 8 due to holidays


Before answering the questions below, please click here to learn if it makes sense to apply and if not, which colleagues might be an alternative.


An intake session is possible if guess, based on your answers to the questions below, that you are in the right place with me and when there is space. If we do an intake and we agree that several sessions together might be fruitful, there is no waiting time between the first and second session.


I maintain a short waiting list. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t have space and it is not possible to sign up for the waiting list.