Unfortunately, at this time there is no space for new people, nor is it possible to sign up for the waiting list. It is unclear when this will change again.


(Climate) activists and movement-makers seeking support around resilience will be given priority, as will people seeking support in climate and activism-related issues, young adults, people working on social justice issues, and people working in healthcare or education.

CONTACTINFO / 06 34 89 15 11


Hoendiepstraat 22-1, Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam

Practice at home & online sessions via Whereby (AVG-proof).


Tuesdays till Fridays


The practice will be closed from July 25 to August 25 due to vacations

An intake session is possible if there is space and if I estimate, based on your answers to the questions below, that you are in the right place with me. If we do an intake and we agree that several sessions together is a fruitful idea, there is no waiting time between the first and second session.


I maintain a short waiting list. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t have space and it is not possible to sign up for the waiting list.


Priority is given to

  • (climate) activists and movement-makers
  • people who are troubled by climate stress, eco-emotions and the meaning and purpose issues involved
  • young adults
  • people working in care or education